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Roblox Doors


About Roblox Doors


Roblox Doors is a horror game that challenges the most daring. In a spooky hotel with scary creatures use your will to survive to find the door to escape.

Roblox Doors will bring you horror experiences, right from the image, to the sound of the game, bringing a gloomy atmosphere. This terrifying adventure will put your survival abilities to the test while on a frightful excursion in an abandoned hotel. All you have to do is seek a way out, find a way out as quickly as possible if you don't want to be locked in there. The reason is very simple, you will face the problem of food and water, in a tight space and the dim light is not enough to bring the horror element, then you will definitely feel suffocated and not want to stay long. So hurry through the hotel and find the right door to go out. You can proceed if you select the correct door. But what if you go in the wrong door? The most dangerous thing that no one wants to happen is that you will have to face scary monsters. You must investigate the chambers to find important items Those items will help you in times of danger. Some of the rooms in Doors are simple, but many of them require the player to solve little challenges. While there is no time constraint in the game, players must dodge some strange monsters who appear suddenly. These include creatures such as Eyes, which drain your vitality if you gaze at them, and Rush, a creature from which you must flee once detects its presence.

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How to play

When walking, use the ASWD keys to move. If you want to jump and release items, use the spacebar. Once you've found the right door, press and hold the E key. Press 1-5 to switch items. It is especially important to remember that to crouch to avoid monsters use the C key.

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