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Trap The Cat


About Trap The Cat


Trap The Cat is a fun puzzle game. In the game, you will have to find a way to trap the mischievous cat by placing traps around and not letting them out.

And what exactly is Trap The Cat? A fun puzzle game and very suitable for a baby's brain development. Since its release, this puzzle game has drawn millions of players from all over the world thanks to its straightforward and appealing gameplay. You construct a cat barrier in the puzzle game Trap The Cat by clicking on vacant tiles. Start the game right away to enjoy all the fun it has to offer! The playing screen starts out with a black cat standing in the center of it. The tiles on the play screen are tiny. A step is represented by each of these tiny tiles. Each of these tiny tiles can be clicked, and the little cat can move around these boxes as well. The tiles that have turned black, though, are actually dead cells. These tiles are impassable to cats. The same applies to choosing more of these black tiles. Select the tiles by clicking on them. The black tiles are available fences, so take note that you cannot interact with them. Blackening occurs in clicked cells. The cat will move simultaneously after each click. This cat is extremely intelligent because it consistently chooses effective ways to move. Black tiles must be used to create a fence in order to stop the cat from moving further. The cat is very smart when it sees you put a fence next to it, so think carefully before placing a fence because the number of bets and playing time is limited.

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How to play

Click on the cells where you want to put the fence.

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