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Toon Cup 2020


About Toon Cup 2020


Toon Cup 2020 is a sports game featuring many Cartoon Network characters. Join different soccer matches and try to become the champion to earn many coins.

The soccer championship is held one more time. This year, with the aim of gaining the cup, many Cartoon Network characters participate in this soccer championship. Do you want to join them? Choose your favorite character and attend exciting soccer matches now. There are two teams in a soccer match. Each team has three members. All your need to do is lead your team to get the ball, pass it, and kick it into your rival's goalpost. Note that you will get a penalty if you unexpectedly kick the ball into your goalpost. If you find any gift boxes in the soccer yard, come close to them and press the Spacebar to unlock them. They contain many power-ups which help you win the game easily. They can freeze your opponents or change them into snowmen, which helps to stop your enemies from scoring.

The allotted time of a soccer match is 1 minute 30 seconds. Attempt to earn as many points as possible before the time is over. When time's up, the team who has a higher score will become the winner. The victor will be rewarded with a lot of gold coins.

This game is inviting fans who are fond of sports games like Basketball Stars. Play it now and have fun.

How to control

Press Arrow Keys to run.

Press the Spacebar to kick the ball.

Exciting facts about Toon Cup 2020

Playable game modes

Like Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2, this game also provides many game modes with different playing rules. All of them are available for gameplay, so you can choose freely.

  • Tournament: In this mode, you are allowed to choose members of your team and your favorite country. After selecting, you can click on the Play button to attend the soccer matches. You will start with the quarterfinal. Then, take part in the semi-final and the final. If you can defeat your opponent in the final, you will be the champion and get a cup.
  • Quick Match: In this mode, you will be matched with a random soccer team. Try to defeat the opposite team to claim a lot of coins.

Unlockable items

If you have many coins, why don't you click on the Unlockable Items to purchase many things? In this section, you can unlock new characters, stadiums, and balls.

  • Characters: You need to pay 50 coins to buy a picture of a character. Collect enough 9 pieces to unlock a new character.
  • Stadiums: You can unlock many stadiums such as the tropical beach, neon city, and street football.
  • Balls: There are 24 unlockable balls with different designs. They are sold at the price of 100 and 150 coins.

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