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Squad Alpha


About Squad Alpha


Squad Alpha is a shooting game that is very suitable for those who like strong action games. Use clever tactics to destroy all enemies before the dangers.

Tense gunfights are taking place in Squad Alpha. A lot of opponents are trying to take you down. They hid and began to shoot. But you can't simply charge into battle. You'll need to hold off on pulling the trigger, plan your actions, and use angles to eliminate all of your adversaries. You only know how to shoot, it will take bullets, be good, and very easy to be in danger. 

Start to join the battle

In the game, you will face about 20 dangerous bosses. They are also full of marksmen, with good skills, and advanced weapons. Everyone has different techniques. As you pass each level, you will be exposed gradually. With more than 200 distinct stages, each demanding a new tactical approach and ever-more-ingenious strategy to master. That means your skills are also increasing rapidly. There are more than 30 different guns, including pistols, shotguns, and enough treasure. Earn money from levels and complete objectives to build up your arsenal and locate the weapon that best suits your shooting style.

How to play

For a quick win, you can also assemble the team by completing the game objectives to collect all the elite Alpha Squad agents. Each of them has an appearance and set of talents. separate ability. The controls will still use familiar keys like AWSD in Football Legends, Burnin Rubber, Soccer Free Kick, and Sky Bridge.

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