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Cut And Dunk


About Cut And Dunk


Cut And Dunk is a stimulating sports game that can show your skills. In this game, you need to cut the ropes and let the ball fall into the basketball hoop.

This game has 36 levels. At the first level, you will be given specific instructions on how to play. From level 2 onwards, you will have to think of a way to pass the round. At each level, the ball is hung on the rope in different positions. Your task is to cut the rope to let the ball fall and wait for the right moment for the ball to hit the basket. That means you've passed the round. As you level up, the level of difficulty increases, so you need to be more patient to pass the round. When you do not pass a round, you will have to play again until you pass before you can snag the next round.

It is easy to control but challenging to conquer all levels. The next level is more difficult than the previous level. This arcade game requires you to use your own strategies to guide your ball to a basket. On some levels, there are obstacles or barriers or the basket is placed in a difficult place to throw. In these situations, you need to take advantage of the available ball’s movements to avoid obstacles and steer your ball correctly.

Tips to play

  • One thing to keep in mind is that when the ball is suspended by more than one string, you have to cut each string.
  • When the ball hangs on the last rope, it will swing, moving back and forth. Therefore, you need to wait until the ball can fall into the basket before cutting the last string!

Features of Cut And Dunk

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Vibrant 3D graphics and cool effects
  • Simple to play

How to play

  • Use your finger (when playing with a phone), or a mouse (when playing with a computer) to cut the rope.
  • Keep your hand/mouse in the place after cutting to keep the ball from falling right away
  • Release your hand/mouse to let the ball fall

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