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The Dawn Of Slenderman


About The Dawn Of Slenderman


You are a person lost in the endless dark forest in The Dawn Of Slenderman. Can you overcome the dangers in the levels and successfully escape? Find all 8 pages and avoid the pursuit of a murderer. Protect your own safety, pick up your gun, pick up your weapon, and fight.

The story in The Dawn Of Slenderman

You go out for a walk and get lost in the woods. While you walk around and see someone watching. It's a dangerous creepypasta character named Slenderman. He has a strange appearance, tall but headless. He kills without fear, and you are his next target. Along with the gloomy atmosphere in the dark night in the forest, what will you do? Scream in fear or find a protective weapon and find a way out for yourself.

What Do You Need To Do To Escape

Win The Championship

In this survival game, you will have four game modes Forest Classic, Forest Gun Mode, Suburbia Classic, and Suburbia Gun Mode. It is still the scene of the Forest Classic and Suburbia Classic in the forest at night and the Forest Gun Mode and Suburbia Gun Mode are during the day and you will have a gun. In each of these modes, you are required to collect all 8 pages to win. Each page is in a different place and you have to go everywhere to look. Don't forget the killer Slenderman is hiding. Run from place to place, enter abandoned buildings, discover hidden cardboard boxes, and collect weapons.

Control Character

You will use the mouse to see the whole scene around, find the way without danger, and the ASDW keys to move. If you are in danger then press the left Shift to run away Ctrl left to crouch or X to lie down and the spacebar to jump. To collect weapons, press F. If you already have weapons, right-click to aim and left-click to shoot. If you want to change weapons, use the mouse wheel. Please pay special attention to adding the G key for grenades to escape quickly.

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