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Bitlife Life Simulator


About Bitlife Life Simulator


Bitlife Life Simulator is a life simulation game suitable for children. You will be free to choose your life, going to school or prison is all up to you.

If you want to find a life simulation game to be able to orient children about future life more clearly, Bitlife Life Simulator will definitely make you satisfied. Four fundamental stats dash health, happiness, attractiveness, and intelligence will be assigned to each character in the game. This game text-based life simulator will accurately mix up and recreate adult life. You start BitLife in a random country with a pair of parents assigned to raise you. As a newborn, your only option may be to see a doctor, you need to be born safely. Then the best thing you can do is be with your parents and go to school. Everyone knows the most important age for every human being is eighteen. At this age, you have to make decisions that directly affect your later life. In addition to going to school, you can join the military or work part-time to earn money and gain experience. This is a golden time for you to grow and make money. When we grow up a little more we will need to learn how to manage our finances once we have some capital in hand. You can buy cars and real estate for yourself to get rich, start a business, or worse, play cards and bet. One of Bitlife's most compelling features is its ability to find love. Take care of yourself and choose a suitable life partner. Even if you are married, there will be some people who want to bring you down and want to get into your family. To have a happy family, you have to make the right decisions. Learn how your success in the game of life can be determined by the little decisions you make in the course of your life. Choosing to go to school to increase your IQ, be rich, and have a happy family or gamble and riot in prison, what will be the life you want?

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How to play

Look at the screen and click on the options you want.

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