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Gravity Linez


About Gravity Linez


Gravity Linez is an exciting basketball game that gives you new experiences. Create the correct line for the ball to enter the basket.

In Gravity Linez, you can unleash your passion by drawing a line for the ball to go straight into the basket. Balls will jump from holes in the ground or in the wall. You have to observe and draw a line for the ball to follow your drawn line and run straight into the basket to score through the screen. Pay attention to avoid the bombs on the way, countless obstacles make it impossible for you to pass the level. Pay attention to the extra gold coins to level up.

The basketball's entry point, which is prepared to be thrown into the air, can be seen at the level. Please get ready! Swipe the screen to create a line once the ball enters the hoop. Create a path for the ball to follow and allow it to roll into the basket. There will also sometimes be a bomb tossed up. However, occasionally you'll need to actively draw lines to block it. Usually, you can get rid of the bomb by letting it fall back down and focusing just on the ball. How many levels of this challenging skill game can you finish?

How to play

Playing on the computer, you use the mouse pointer to drag it and you have already created a path for the ball. similar to the phone, you can only use your finger to draw a line. Please be creative and observe carefully so that the ball can have a way into the basket.

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