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Happy Filled Glass 3


About Happy Filled Glass 3


Happy Filled Glass 3 is a fun puzzle game for you to play in your spare time. You have to find a way to fill the cup with water to complete the challenge.

Our glass is getting angry because there is no water. Looking above you will see an arrow containing a water source. The water source will be dropped when you are ready to tap on it. To help our glass quench thirst, let's find a way to draw a line so that the water is poured more and full.

Difficulties You Will Encounter

Every time you want to let the waterfall, you must pay attention to the blocks of obstacles, they will block the way of water falling into the glass. You are free to create paths for water to pour down the glass but still have to depend on those obstacles. The amount of water is also limited, if you do not calculate carefully, the glass will still lack water. If you pass the level, unlock to the next level and you again face different challenges and obstacles. The difficulty is increasing, so it requires a lot of observation and creativity.

How to Fill Glass with Water

You just need to observe and use your mouse or finger to draw and create your own water path on the screen. When you press the arrow button, the water will fall, and so will the obstacles. Both fall at the same time so they will prevent the water from falling into the glass. Observe and use your thinking to win through each level while the number of obstacles increases.

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