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Basket Random


About Basket Random


Basket Random is an exciting two-player sports game created by RHM Interactive. Take control of two members of your team to perform incredible dunks to score.

Like Basketball Stars, the objective of this game is also to throw the ball into your opponent's hoop to score. However, the members of basketball teams in this game are stickmen who are only able to jump. You must press constantly an Up Arrow Key or a W key to make them jump to throw the ball. Try your best to steal the ball from your rival's hands to stop them from scoring. Note that a slam dunk is worth one point. Try to score 5 points first to become the victor.

One interesting thing about this game is the constant change in the playing field. Right after scoring, you will be teleported to another playing field with different weather conditions. For instance, the court can be in the park in the city or the gymnasium.

This game was developed by RHM Interactive. It was initially launched in April 2020. Now, it is playable on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones. It was updated with some new features on Jan 26, 2023.

How to control


Press a W key to control.


Press a UP ARROW key to control.

More exciting secrets about Basket Random

Playable game modes

This game also has many game modes, which is identical to Basketball Legends 2020.

  • 1 Player: This mode is suitable for players who play this game alone. Moreover, if you are a newbie who just started discovering this game, I suggest you select this mode. It allows you to battle with computer players. It is an opportunity for you to practice your skills before confronting other professional players. Don't underestimate the computer players. They have good dunking skills that you can learn.
  • 2 Players: The developer added this mode in order for you and your friends to play this game together. After choosing this mode, you and your friends will be teleported to different basketball courts. Attempt to defeat your friends and prove that you are the best basketball player.

Random Physics

The physics of the characters and characteristics of the ball will change after you or your rival score a point. Here are some random physics in the game.

  • Long Arm: The character with long arms can easily steal the ball from the enemies.
  • Light Ball: This ball is able to fly very high. Therefore, you should be careful when throwing it. It can fly out of the court if you throw it too hard.
  • Heavy Ball: It is an iron ball that is super heavy. It is unable to bounce or fly high. Therefore, you should avoid throwing it at a far distance.
  • Short Arm: Short Arm is the disadvantage of the character. With short arms, you need to come close to the opposite team's hoop to throw the ball.
  • Large Hoop: If the hoop is large, you can throw the ball into it easily.

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