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Knife Hit


About Knife Hit


Are you ready to join the knife throwing with Knife Hit? On the rotating wooden board there are apples, throw the knife to hit the apples to complete the task.

Knife Hit always brings simplicity and light entertainment moments to everyone. What appears in the game is just a round wooden board, knives, and juicy red apples. This game will not be difficult and requires smart calculations.

The Quest

When you see the apple and the knife, you can immediately know that in this game you have to throw the knife to hit the apples. You only need to hit one to make the log explode and win through the level. But if you miss and accidentally hit another knife, you lose.

How to throw knives and the difficulties

Knife Hit is suitable for all ages, so the gameplay is simple, but besides that, you will also have difficulties.

Knife throwing

Keep your hand on the left mouse button, wait until the apple is close to the knife, then click to throw the knife out. You need to look closely. Try to hit the apple, break the wooden board and you win.

Difficulty throwing knives

The wooden board rotates very quickly and increases the speed through each level, choose the appropriate time. Although you don't hit the apple, you have other knives to replace it. But the number of knives for you will change with each level. If you run out of knives but you don't hit the apple, you lose. And yet, if you throw the knife and hit the spikes or coincide with the other knives, you will lose.

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