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About Mope.io


Mope.io is an addictive multiplayer game. Start as a little mouse and go for growing food to make you stronger against your opponents.

In this multiplayer game, when playing the game and starting with the quest to find and compete for food with other opponents. You are currently just a small mouse, try to eat a lot to grow and develop because in this war only the strong can win. The bigger the person, the more animals they can eat and become the person standing at the top of the food chain. If you want to survive and win, you have to be completely big and overwhelm the enemy or you will be eaten in reverse.

Game Play

When playing the game you will feel like survival games like Stick Duel: Battle Hero and FNAF Security Breach you will have to go along the way around looking for food, red berries, etc are additional things. Lots of nutrition for you to grow up. Use your mouse to control your little mouse to eat a lot and remember to stay away from strong opponents. The faster you move, the more food you can eat, and the faster you escape enemies. Try to be the quick one to survive to the end and make all opponents afraid to hide from you.

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