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About Impostor


Impostor is a great mind-match game for all ages. There's a dangerous impostor on your spaceship and find that person for safekeeping, or it could be you too.

A spaceship's crew is fighting for survival as it journeys into infinite space. They must be cautious since there is an impostor among them. They must maintain defensive and hostile postures at all times, especially while alone with another person, even if that other person is not the impostor and you are one of them. The Impostor wishes to murder everyone and is ready to do everything and chase to the end, or even destroy the ship everyone is on. He is very smart and good at disguises as well as lying so that people do not recognize him. He is very dangerous, may be lurking in the shadows, waiting for his prey, or he could leap from a ventilation shaft and attack from behind. He specializes in startling everyone and making them feel uneasy and scared. Unless he commits a mistake, he is difficult to discern among the crew members. Many players like playing as the impostor, unfortunately, the roles are chosen at random, and there is only one impostor among a group of passengers aboard the spacecraft. As a result, your chances of gaining a Crewmate have grown dramatically. You'll have to pay close attention to each person, find out who the impostor is, and even defend yourself if you're attacked.

How to play

Move using the ASWD keys, go around, and click to complete the task on the screen.

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