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Shot Shot


About Shot Shot


Shot Shot is an exciting sports game in which to get a high score, you need to tap as quickly and accurately as you can in a limited amount of time. Let's play!

This game includes different levels with increasing difficulty in each level up. When you first start playing, you will be able to try it out with 3 balls in 99 seconds before you start playing. In this trial round, you will be shown how to throw the ball. When you can throw all 3 balls into the basket, you will start playing level 1. You have to throw a certain number of balls into the basket to achieve the required target points in 20 seconds. Each ball hit the basket, you will be added 3 points.

For example, at level 1, you have to get 15 points to pass. Up to level 2, you must continue to throw more to get 40 points to move on to level 3. Just like that, the number of points required at each level will gradually increase. However, the time has only 20 seconds countdown. When the last 3 seconds are left, there will be a countdown sound to let you know. When the time is up, an alarm will sound. At level 1, the basket will stay in one place, so it will be easier to throw the ball. Up to the next level, the basket will move, and the difficulty level will increase, requiring you to be faster and more skillful. When you do not pass a level, you have to start over from level 1. Try your best to see how far you can go!


  • Drag and release the mouse quickly to throw the ball.
  • Don't pull and hold the ball for too long.
  • Throw the ball high and far to let the ball fall into the basket!

Features of Shot Shot

  • Exciting, lively sound
  • Vivid, attractive 3D graphics
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Simple gameplay

How to play

  • On the phone: Swipe the screen, release your finger to throw the ball
  • On the computer: Drag and release the mouse to throw the ball

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