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Backrooms Game


About Backrooms Game


Backrooms Game is a horror game that gives you a terrifying experience. You are locked in an abandoned house with monsters, find a way to escape.

Believe it or not, wake up and wake up in a cold deserted house. What you will do? Frightened and cried. There's no time for that. Find a way to save yourself before being killed. The gloomy atmosphere, and the golden walls covered with cobwebs, will surely make you haunted like in Freddy Run 1, Super Fighters, FNAF Security Breach, Roblox Doors, and more. And yet the horror, the scariest thing in this house is that you have to face scary monsters. Monsters, see you enter the room, and you yourself evoke their hunger. They are chasing you and want to eat you alive right away. Choose one of the rooms here, open the door, and find your way out. Run fast but don't be negligent, pay attention around, there will be a lot of dangerous things just waiting for you to ignore and then come to grab you. Do you want to die and lose right at these challenges? Monsters are scary, but you, our hero, will surely find a way through, right?

Some Tips

Pay attention to the signposts, the things on the way also collect all at once, maybe they can save you in times of danger. The amount of air and oxygen in the house is limited, please pay attention and turn on the oxygen fan regularly. Interesting and dangerous, right?

How to play

Use the up and down arrow buttons to move. Look closely at the passageways, and monsters appear unexpectedly. Take the initiative to find out the way carefully and find the shortest way. You must complete the court and your own efforts to escape. The game will have many levels and choices to help you have the best adventure experience. Good luck.

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