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Freddy Run 1


About Freddy Run 1


Freddy Run 1 is a creepy race of young Freddy. In the castle, he has to face deadly traps and especially the pursuit of Soul Catcher with the death scythe.

Freddy is playful and adventurous. One day he dreamed that he was lost in a ghostly and eerie castle. The monsters are chasing him and the escape begins.

Freddy's Fear

This castle is really spooky. The flickering lights, the old spider webs, etc create strange scenes. Pay close attention around, deadly traps are always waiting for you to trap. Blades, thorns, and wormholes are everywhere, in this dark space, you can be trapped at any time. But not yet, the scariest thing in this castle is the monsters. It's as scary as in Man Or Monster, Zombie Base Defense, Granny, Roblox Doors, and Backrooms Game. The scariest special monster is the Soul Catcher. Because you came here and awakened its bloodlust, it began to hold the scythe and chase you. He will relentlessly pursue you, so be ready when he emerges behind you and begins to draw back his cutting scythe, and click the jump button to escape being knocked out.

How to play

In the game, there are five levels just like the five times you have to help Freddy get rid of the fear in the castle. Quickly use the up arrow key to jump and escape from dangerous monsters and traps.

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