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Basketball Stars


About Basketball Stars


Basketball Stars bring you to intense matches. Instead of becoming an audience, you can play as a legendary basketball player and become the new star.

Opportunity is closer to you than ever! Have you ever thought that one day you could become a professional basketball player? Have you ever thought you could participate in an official basketball game? If you are a basketball enthusiast, you must have thought like that. So, come to this game where you can experience professional basketball games!

Select Basketball Stars modes

This sports game has 3 game modes, including 1 Player, 2 Players, and Quick Match. Each mode gives you its own interesting experience. Now, let's learn each mode together!

1 player mode

The first mentioned mode is 1 Player. As the name mentioned, this mode will require you to control one character. However, it consists of 3 sub-modes with unique features in Basketball Stars.

Participate in the Training sub-mode in 1 Player mode to facilitate your practice! You will play basketball alone in this mode, with no challenge or time limit. Practice your jumps and throws before moving on to the next game modes.

The next sub-mode is the Random Match mode. In this mode, you can choose between playing alone or forming a team to play. If you play alone, you will control your character and try to score goals. If you play as a team, you will control one of the two members of the team to fight in this basketball game.

The last sub-mode is the Tournament mode. In this mode, you will compete with 7 other teams and go through three rounds, including Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and Final match, to choose the winner. Like the previous sub-mode, this sub-mode allows you to play alone or as a team. Game rules are similar to Random Match mode.

2-player mode

In 2 Players mode, you can control both two characters at the same time. It is best if you invite friends and relatives to play together. This mode is also divided into 3 sub-modes: 1vs1, 2vs2, and 2vs2CPU.

The 1vs1 sub-mode allows you to control both characters in two different teams to compete.

In 2vs2 mode, you can control both members of the same team to fight with other players.

2vs2CPU mode is similar to 2vs2 mode. However, your opponent will be controlled by the CPU.

Quick match

The last mode is Quick Match mode where you automatically connect with other players and compete in duels. The characters and matches are random.

Play Basketball Stars Unblocked

Everyone has a chance to enjoy Basketball Stars Unblocked at school or work. You can have fun with your friends in the break time. Do you wonder about your mission in this basketball game? Moreover, you even can encounter the basketball player in this game.

Complete Basketball Stars missions

Except for the practice mode, most modes require you to compete for 1 minute. The first team to score 2 goals wins. Your task is to control your character, execute strategies, and score goals as quickly as possible. In addition to basic abilities such as throwing, robbing, dodging, and moving, you can freeze a basketball pole to block the opponent's attack. However, this ability takes time to become available.

Choose NBA players

Moreover, if you are a fan of basketball player, this game is even more ideal and special because NBA players inspired the main characters. This game will turn you into Stephen Curry, LeBron James, and many other famous players. The character becomes funny through the designer's drawing with a big head and a smile that never stops. Come and experience this exciting game! Are you ready to participate in these basketball games and become a professional athlete? Let's go!

Basketball Stars 2

Many basketball game lovers tell each other that Basketball Stars 2 is going to be released next year. However, until now the developers of the Madpuffers team have had no notification of the second version. Our website always updates the new versions to players. Therefore, you should hone your basketball skills with Basketball Star first before Basketball Stars 2 is released.

Tips to play basketball game

Although Basketball Stars is a fun game, you need some tips and tricks to conquer it. Now, I will share some experiences which I collect from the pro players. If you follow these guides, you will win all basketball games today.

  • Throwing skills are extremely important in playing basketball games. Practice to mater character skills before joining in official battles is necessary.
  • Use special abilities to prevent your enemies from goal scores. Remember the longer your opponent controls the ball, the more points they can score. Therefore, make sure you hold the ball in almost time.
  • Keep calm to solve any situation. You need to be active in all situations. Keep your cold head before the powerful throw of opponents.
  • When you play 2-player mode with your friends, you should play on the big screen. From that, you can see the character's movement and bring the best experience.
  • Game control: Use arrow keys and WASD to control your character and press V or K to freeze the opponent's goal. The masterful combination of these controls can bring victory to you.


Who develops Basketball Stars?

Madpuffers create this basketball game.

Where can I play Basketball Stars?

You just need to access this game on mobile or desktop. Guarantee your devices connect to the Internet.

Can I play Basketball Stars online?

You can play Basketball Stars online on our website. You Can easily access this sports game with your smart devices.

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