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Capybara Clicker


About Capybara Clicker


Capybara Clicker is a light entertainment clicker game. In this game, you will take care of a Capybara and create many more with the clicks of the mouse.

To play this fun game, click the capybara. Each time you have created one more Capybara and you will have money. To make the game more interesting, use that money, and shopping. Let's buy upgrades that boost the number of capybaras you receive every click or to have time to take care of other things, buy automatic clicks with each auto-click to enhance your capacity to generate more capybaras. You may press a button and instantly create billions of capybaras to quickly complete the task, but that will not be interesting anymore.
Capybaras will go to any lengths to get into a pond or, at the very least, a pail of water because they enjoy being in it. They enjoy swimming, and just like ducks, their feet's webbing makes it easy. They enjoy eating, which is another adorable trait of theirs. They will eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and they enjoy sweets. You may spend a lot of time there relaxing and having fun with your pet. Seeing and taking care of cute animals like these will make you forget all your troubles. A special feature of Capybara Clicker is that you will be able to change the appearance of cute Capybaras and change the surrounding landscape according to your preferences.

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How to play

Simply click on the capybara to increase the number of them.

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