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Stick Merge


About Stick Merge


When playing Stick Merge, you participate in the intense shooting battle of the stickmen. Merge the guns you have to create powerful guns to destroy enemies.

Background of Stick Merge

A bloody fight is going on between our stickmen. The smell of gunpowder, blood, and corpses was everywhere. Wherever you go, there will be opponents hiding and shooting. It's time to take down dangerous enemies hiding behind obstacles or concrete barriers before they can take your life. Show off your talents to prove to everyone that you're not an easily bullied marksman.

How To Play

When you start playing, be sure to hit the hidden opponents. Every time you defeat an opponent, you will receive money. Once you have accumulated enough money, you may use it to buy more weapons and combine them to make the deadliest conceivable weapons. Buy a lot of guns, and make your warehouse full of weapons. Why? Through each level, your stickman opponents will be more and more crowded and stronger. You will have to use the guns you have and upgrade them. Merge your weapons to create powerful guns.


To become the best marksman like in Bowman 2, Zombie Base Defense, Sling Drift, and Monkey Mart, train yourself to be the best aiming and control the agile stickman character. First, you need to select and merge weapons with a mouse click and drag. Once you have targeted the enemy's hiding place, drag and move the mouse there, the enemy embankment will be destroyed quickly.

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