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Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2


About Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2


Attend thrilling basketball matches with famous cartoon characters in Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2. Score many points by throwing the ball into the hoop.

If you are a big fan of basketball games such as Basketball Stars, this game is a perfect fit for you. In this game, you will transform into one of the well-known cartoon characters such as Foo, SpongeBob, Patrick, Captain Man, Lynn, Red Ranger, and so on. You will join exciting basketball matches between cartoon characters. In a basketball match, you must run and steal the ball from your opponent's hands. After that, throw it into the hoop to score points. Attempt to perform a mega dunk to earn three points. The power-ups sometimes appear on the basketball court. Collect them to become more powerful and run faster. Try your best to gain more points than your rival when the time is over.

How to control

Press Arrow Keys to move.

Press the Spacebar to throw the ball.

Impressive features of Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2

Game modes

In this game, you are allowed to choose one of three game modes. Each game mode has a distinct gameplay.

  • Quick Match: This mode offers three levels of difficulty and two game types including 1 Player and 2 Players. You can choose 1 player to struggle with the CPU. Meanwhile, the 2 Player allows you and your friends to play the game on the same device. You and your friend will battle with the other two computer players. Choose your favorite level of difficulty and game type to join the basketball matches. Try to score more points than your opponent within 8 minutes to become the winner.
  • Championship: In this mode, you will join 6 basketball matches in order. Your objective is to win against 6 strong rivals to become the champion.
  • All Stars: After you choose this mode, three options will be presented. They are 3 Point Shootout, H.O.R.S.E, and Dunk Challenge. Select one of them and the number of players to play this mode. In this mode, you will stand and throw the ball into the hoop as many times as possible in a limited time. To perform impressive dunks, you need to hold the Spacebar until the riddle reaches the green area.

Hall Of Fame

Let's go to the Hall Of Fame and check the achievements of the characters. In the Hall Of Fame, you can see the number of basketball matches they joined, their winnings, dunks, and other statistics. Furthermore, the posters which capture epic moments of the characters are also restored in the Hall Of Fame.

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