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Vex 3


About Vex 3


Vex 3 is an engaging and engaging platform game. Let's overcome difficulties and challenges along the way, and conquer the world with the stick man.

There are many dangerous hazards on the levels, including buzzsaws that spin, spikes, icicles that fall, and laser cannons. You're able to avoid them all. To get past them all, use the water, zip lines, moving blocks, bouncy blocks, and kicking and jumping prowess. To reach the small red checkpoint flags, you must jump from platform to platform, scale the walls, and duck under the buzzsaws. A flag will turn green once you have touched it. The last checkpoint you passed is where you will respawn if you die. Zip lines, action blocks, and a variety of humorous sound effects are just a few of the unique gameplay features in Vex 3 that will help you express yourself. There are numerous levels and a difficult level map. Vex 3 is an addictive platform game that you'll be eager to finish thanks to its sharp graphics and fluid gameplay. While some hazards are stationary, others are mobile. Spend a moment figuring out the movement pattern of the moving traps before attempting to avoid them. Checkpoints are represented by the flagpoles that are scattered throughout the level. At the checkpoint that is currently open, you can revive. One checkpoint can only be in use at once.

This game is playable on both PC and mobile devices, which is similar to Spiderman Penalty, Basketball Beans, 12 MiniBattles, and Basket Champ.

How to play

Quickly use the ASDW keys to avoid dangerous obstacles.

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