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Tap Tap Shots

About Tap Tap Shots


Tap Tap Shots is a new genre of a basketball game. Beautiful throws are on fire. The ball jumps continuously, throw it fast before time runs out and get points.

In tap tap shots, like many other basketball games, this game also needs you to hit the ball into the basket, but the way of throwing the ball will be completely new. You will get the momentum to throw the ball by clicking the mouse. The balls will roll out for you to throw, and your job will be to click on the ball, the more you tap on the ball, the higher the ball will jump. but should be careful or else the ball will be higher than the basket and not hit the basket.

Normally, when you hit the ball into the basket you will only get 1 point, but with good shots from a distance, you will get double. and if you pay attention, on the screen in the middle, there will be a black point, if you throw from that black point or throw in the basket several times in a row, you will have a fireball. Those fireballs will help your score increase dramatically. and of course, these fireballs are only available for a fixed period of time.

Also, right on the top corner of the screen, there will be a timeline, if you don't throw the ball into the basket before that line runs out, you will also lose. Each level will have different difficulty levels to throw the ball, so be careful, just have to throw the ball quickly or it will take time.

Feature of tap tap shots:

  • Entertaining game with moderate difficulty.
  • Beautiful pictures, catchy sound.
  • Practice reflexes and observation, calculation.

Tips: You have to pay attention to the time bar to throw the ball. Try to hit the ball into the basket in the middle, you will get a high score also try to create fireballs, your score will be very high.

How to play

You need to click the left mouse button to make the ball jump high, click continuously otherwise the ball will fall. Make sure the ball gets into the basket and you win.

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