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About Granny


Granny is a fun online horror game that gives you real emotions. You are imprisoned in a building with a murderer, and quickly find your way out.

In the online arcade horror game Granny, you must walk the creaky rooms and dimly lit corridors of Granny's house to get out alive. Just be careful not to let creepy Granny know you're sneaking out, she has very good ears, so it won't be simple. She will come running over as soon as she hears you making a noise. You'll lose a day every time meet Granny or one of her traps catches you, and you'll awaken the following evening in bed. You only have five days to get away, so keep that in mind! Making noise as you move from one room to another is a foolish thing to let the wicked know your hiding place. Granny can hear you over the noise. Use this strategy to divert her whenever. By being aware of the creaky floorboards, avoid making noise. Then, you may move across the rooms much more silently. Even though she has a keen eye for detail and can locate the origin of any sound, she lacks intelligence and is easily tricked. By dropping items on various shelves, cabinets, desks, tables, and soft furnishings, you can achieve this. Go through the house looking for the items required to defeat Granny. Since the items are dispersed at random, you cannot predict where any particular object will be when you begin. Additionally, you can hinder her by closing doors along her path. They'll also come upon several other mysteries that Granny conceals behind closed doors. Her beloved spider, kept in a cage at the very top of the home, makes an appearance as a secondary enemy. Furthermore, let's a keen eye for detail can uncover Granny's victim.

When you finish this adventure, you can participate in other adventures in Harvest Honors, Keep Zombie Away, Ball Fill, Slam Dunk Forever, and Letter Boom Blast.

How to play

Click the start button and start playing, find the way to escape according to the instructions given in the game.

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