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Slam Dunk Forever


About Slam Dunk Forever


Slam Dunk Forever is a completely new addictive basketball game. The ball hangs and let's cut the rope to let the ball fall into the basket.

When entering Slam Dunk Forever, there is a ball swinging on a rope. Your task is to cut the rope so that the ball falls into the basket correctly. Time it together and notice which direction the basket moves. Avoid additional obstacles, obstacles, the ball will fall and you will lose. The ball falls into the basket, each different experience is waiting for you. With fun gameplay, bright visuals, and sharpening, Slam Drunk Forever is definitely a game you can't miss.

In Slam Dunk Forever, the basketball is attached to a revolving rope above the hoop, and the aim is to drop the basketball rotating into the hoop, much like dunking. There are springs beneath the hoop that rebound the basketball after a failed dunk, giving players a chance, however, this does not always happen!

How to play

Click on the start button to start, watch in which direction the ball swings, and look closely at the basket and surrounding obstacles to decide when to cut the rope. Then click on the place you want to cut the rope, and the ball will automatically fall.

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