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About Whooo?


Whooo? is a very interesting puzzle game. Take turns choosing the suggested features that appear on the screen to guess the card your opponent is holding.

Start your brain training and puzzle-solving time with Whooo? just now. You will certainly not be addicted to this exciting game. Both players hold two mysterious cards and must do everything to guess the correct face in the opponent's card first to win. In front of you will have a lot of cards and sitting opposite you have opponents as well. One by one, each person will ask questions based on the four personality traits suggested on the screen to remove the redundant cards. In turn, the two will eliminate quite a lot until finally making a decision, the most awaited moment.

Guide Controls

Look on the screen, pay attention to your cards once, and click on one of the four suggested trait boxes that appear to ask your opponent. Take turns and whoever guesses the opponent's card correctly will be the winner. The gameplay is very similar to Halloween Memory and Butterfly Kyodai right? Try them all and see if you can solve the tricky puzzles.

Tips: observe and pay attention to the features that appear most in the cards such as glasses, black hair, etc to eliminate as many incorrect cards as possible. Hope you have a good time playing.

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