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Butterfly Kyodai


About Butterfly Kyodai


Butterfly Kyodai is a fun puzzle game. Let's see if you can find the correct and enough similar butterflies on the screen and match them to a pair.

Tap on a butterfly wing to see a matching tile to combine it with. Finding and selecting the same butterfly-shaped cards on the screen and matching each other is what you have to do, but you have to choose the matching boxes. They can only be matched when the connection between them is a straight line and is not blocked by any cards. This line may not intersect any other tiles and may only rotate 90 degrees twice, ie meet the turn and create a perpendicular line. All cards of the same type need to form a line in order to be cleared on the screen except for two cards that are next to each other, when they are combined they will not create a link. Keep searching and doing this until there are no cards left on the board, then you will win. You also notice the blue bar at the top of the screen. In each level, you will only be able to find and flip the card in that time, when the time runs out, the card is still on the playing board, and you will lose. Through each level, the difficulty increases, and the cards also increase, the time is shorter. But you don't need to worry too much, as long as you clear a lot of cards, you will get an increase in time and moreover, the faster you can solve the level, the more attractive rewards you will have to suggest to you in the next difficult levels.

How to play

Click on two identical butterflies on the screen, if they match, they will automatically be deleted from the screen.

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