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Rotate Soccer


About Rotate Soccer


Rotate Soccer is an interesting entertaining football game. The goal to win is to create spins so that the ball rolls into the goal as much as possible.

Do you love football and want to experience more new challenges? Rotate Soccer always will let you freely express and practice your skills. Like other football games, you will have to do everything to make the balls go into the net. By turning the level, you can move the soccer ball into the goal. Steer clear of hazards like spikes. Now pay attention to the sharp spikes on the football field. Are you surprised? Through each level, the football field will have more and more spikes. Pay attention to controlling the balls so that they do not roll into dangerous places. That means you will lose. If there are multiple balls, you must catch each one to advance to the next stage. To complete each level, combine your skills at handling the ball with those at solving puzzles. In order to successfully pass the soccer ball to the goal of each level in Rotate Soccer, you must tip either side of a set of hanging platforms at precisely the right time and angle. You must have quick reflexes as well as perfect control of force and balance. The ball is still standing still, rely on your skills to apply force on them so that the ball can hit the net. The more you enter, the higher your score will be. When passing each level, the challenges also gradually increase. The difficulty is increasing and you should use everything you can to win spectacularly.

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How to play

Move the mouse to rotate the ball if playing on the computer. Play on the phone with your hands and control the ball into the net as quickly as possible.

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