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Tiny Fishing


About Tiny Fishing


Tiny Fishing is a completely free fun fishing game. Join the game, explore nature, catch many fishes with colors and earn a lot of money.

Do you enjoy playing fishing games? This game allows you to go fishing using only your mobile or desktop device. Let's begin by dropping and holding your fishing line and clicking and swiping your mouse from left to right. To catch fish, move your hook around the screen while reeling in your line. When your line touches the surface, you'll get compensated for every fish you capture! The deeper you go, the rarer the fish become, and the more money you may make. Spending money is the greatest way to make money in Tiny Fishing. Spend your money upgrading your fishing pole. If you improve your pole, you will be able to catch more and better fish. But be cautious, it's all too easy to overspend and run out of cash. Hold your mouse or finger and move it across the screen as you reel in your line to catch up with the fish. One of Tiny Fishing's great features is the opportunity to earn money when not online. This implies that if you become weary and busy playing, you may take a rest while still earning money. This is a feature you should surely use since there is nothing better than signing on and seeing a large sum of money ready for you to spend.

If you are a big fan of adventure games such as Rabbids Wild Race, iScribble.IO, Four In A Row, and Dude Basket is designed for you.

How to play

Drop the hook and drag the fish up by dragging and releasing the mouse. Then, to receive money, click on the fish.

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