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Rabbids Wild Race


About Rabbids Wild Race


Rabbids Wild Race is a fun game about races with bunnies. See if you can reach the finish line in the shortest time while avoiding all the dangers on the track.

Because of their free time, the mischievous and destructive Ravin Rabbids are extremely opposite, they have created a race with other rabbits to see who can finish first and be the winner. This messy race attracts between two and thirty rabbits. These heavyweights are very energetic and all want to be the strongest and fastest rabbit in the pack. This race is not normal, this is a dangerous race, you will face lasers ready to burn you at any time, as well as many other types of deadly obstacles. They will appear suddenly if you do not pay attention you will die and lose immediately. Don't worry, there will be items to help you avoid such problems when playing the game. For example, you can use a jet and fly over your opponent to get to the finish line faster. Shields and armor are also available to help you protect yourself. To get such things, you have to earn a lot of coins and stars along the way and exchange them for other items to cross the finish line quickly. You can also get attractive gifts when you pass each level. The sooner you reach the finish line, the more help items you will have. Interesting gameplay, each level will be a race track with different challenges that will surely make you addicted.

How to play

Use the left mouse button, and click a lot, the faster you click, the higher the bunny jumps. With simple game rules, control the rabbit to jump and avoid obstacles until you reach the finish line, you have won.

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