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Funny Shooter 2


About Funny Shooter 2


Funny Shooter 2 is a fun shooting game which is for players of all ages. You will use many powerful weapons to kill enemies. This game won't let you down!

Game control

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Click the left mouse button to fire.

I know another game which has simpler controls than this game. It is called Geometry Dash SubZero where you have to navigate a symbol on a dangerous road.

Shoot enemies in Funny Shooter 2

Dodge and Evade

Funny shooter games often involve fast-paced action, so it's crucial to master your movement and evasion skills. Dodge incoming attacks, jump over obstacles and use the environment to your advantage. Remember, staying mobile and unpredictable can make it harder for your opponents to hit you.

Aim and shoot accurately at the enemy

Opponents will move towards you when they detect you. Shooting at a moving target will be quite difficult. However, you just need to practice, you can do this. Use the gun's aim to shoot at the enemy's weak spots. Their head will be the most vulnerable point.

The difference between the original version and Funny Shooter 2

The key difference between them are the improvements and additions made to the gameplay, graphics, features, and overall experience.

Improved Visuals

The next version often is created with improved graphics and visual effects. The game may feature more detailed character models, vibrant environments, and visually appealing animations, elevating the overall aesthetic of the game.

New Levels and Environments

This game might introduce new levels and environments for players to explore and engage in combat. These new settings could provide fresh challenges, unique obstacles, and opportunities for creative gameplay strategies.

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