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Stumble Guys

About Stumble Guys


Stumble Guys is a fun live-fighting game. You and 32 opponents will compete with each other to survive. Get tickets to continue to the next round.

In Stumble Guys, you will have fun and unique experiences. A live competition will take place, you and 32 other people will compete against each other to enter the next round. Run to the finish line and overcome the obstacles. Level two will eliminate half, leaving 16 players, and gradually the last survivor is the winner.

Go through round to round of escalating chaos to progress through the different levels until a winner is crowned! If you fall, just start over and run. Join the endless run!

Dive into a series of absurd challenges and strange obstacles, knock your opponents down and overcome everything to win! So are you ready to be completely wiped out?

Interesting feature:

  • Many customizations
  • Colorful and crazy design
  • Real multiplayer battle royale

How to play

Using the arrow buttons to move and a button to help the character run and jump can help the character completely avoid the obstacles. In addition, you can use the double-click button, which is a useful method to make you slide forward.

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