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Retro Bowl


About Retro Bowl


Retro Bowl is a retro-styled football game developed by New Star Games. Manage your football team and attempt to become the champion in football matches.

The gameplay of this game is similar to that of American football. In this game, you will act as the football team's general manager. Lead your team to join American football matches. In a match, you need to control players in different positions such as offense and defense positions. You can see that the offense positions are the Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, and Offensive Linesman. Meanwhile, the defensive positions are the Defensive Back, Defensive Linesman, and Linebackers. Note that each position has a distinct mission. Control these players smoothly to get the ball across the first down line first to win. You will obtain a lot of coins if you are the victor.

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How to control: Use the mouse to control the characters.

Playable positions

  • Quarterback: The player in this position has to run with the ball and pass it to an eligible receiver like a Wide Receiver, Tight End, and Running Back.
  • Running Back: This position will catch the ball and run with it down the field. Attempt to get a first down or a touchdown.
  • Wide Receiver: The player in this position needs to catch the ball from the Quarterback and try to evade the Defensive Back.
  • Tight End: There are two Tight Ends in a match. You need to control the players in this position to block with the Offensive Linesman or run to catch the ball.
  • Offensive Linesman: The mission of this position is to block the Defensive Linesman from sacking the Quarterback
  • Defensive Back: The task of this position is to stop the Wide Receiver from moving the ball toward the end zone.
  • Defensive Linesman: The player in this position must prevent the Running Back and Quarterback from running the ball. Besides, he also needs to sack the Quarterback during passing plays.
  • Linebackers: The linebackers will stand in the line behind the Defensive Linesman. In addition, he also needs to help the Defensive Linesman stop players who are running with the ball.

Interesting information about Retro Bowl


There are three kinds of achievements in this game. If you can complete them, you will gain many valuable rewards. Here they are

  • Game Achievement: During the game, you are expected to complete 26 game achievements to claim valuable rewards.
  • Career Achievement: There are 29 career achievements that can be completed over the course of your career.
  • Front Office Achievement: This game features 16 Front Office achievements. Complete different tasks in the front office to earn these achievements

Front Office

As a general manager of an American football team, you need to do everything to make your team stronger. Do that in the Front Office. The Front Office has many areas..

  • Stadium: In this area, you need to spend Coaching Credits to upgrade your stadium from level 1 to level 10. This will make your fan more positive after each American football match.
  • Training Facilities: You need to spend Coaching Credits to upgrade your training facilities, which will help you get experience points faster.
  • Rehab Facilities: Upgrading Rehab Facilities is necessary as this will help members of your team recover quicker and have good conditions.
  • Salary Cap: It is vital to upgrade the Salary Cap.
  • Staff Hires: After each football match, some members of your team will get hurt. At this time, you need to employ more offensive and defensive coordinators to replace them.
  • Store: Gain more coaching credits in the store.

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