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Cookie Clicker City


About Cookie Clicker City


Cookie Clicker City is a unique cookie house-building game. Use cookies to build your own city from the ground up until development.

In Cookie Clicker City, just looking at the name, there is already a cake. Exactly, you will use the cakes to have people in the city, and build buildings, pets, and trees, ... This is your city for you to unleash your creativity. The currency to buy and sell here is the cakes that you create.

You see, in the beginning, you will only have a piece of land, if you work hard to make bread, you will have people, trees, and houses. leaving your land will grow into a crowded city. From the most primitive times to the age of space science. It's yours, you create it and dominate it.

In this game, there are 5 levels for your city, from nothing to overgrown. To help the city develop, you must create a lot of cakes to buy a lot of people and things to level up fighting, these will also participate in the production of cakes like you and sell unnecessary items. quickly level up.

There are currently 600 levels and 700 achievements for you to experience and unlock. Or immediately embark on the construction of your own cookie city and master the game.

Tips: In order for the city to grow quickly, you need to have a maximum of 18 buildings involved in production. Saving cookies when used is correct, but you should also buy some additional items next to it to increase the speed of cake creation.

How to play

You just need to left-click on the big piece of cake in the right corner of the screen, the cake will automatically spawn and accumulate. On the left corner of the screen, there is also a trolley, you also click on it to buy things, and buy residents for your city. You just need to click and you can build your own company.

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