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Subway Surfers


About Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers is a challenging subway surfing game. To become the winner, use your skills to run away from those chasing you and avoid dangerous obstacles.

Just reading the name, you can guess that in this game we will be surfing the subway quickly, right? Exactly, you will take control of a board skater punk and race along the railroad tracks while a fat policeman is chasing you with his dog. Similar to other endless runners, Subway Surfers requires you to run through a dangerous track without stopping while dodging obstacles, collecting coins, gaining speed, and using power-ups to escape a sticky situation. The skaters practically follow your finger as you move the controller, which adds to the game's slick feeling. Oncoming trains are the only thing you really need to be aware of in Subway Surfers. Because in this game, you will definitely have to face the train tracks to show your ability and easily cut the tail of the police following you. Despite the fact that most runners make use of obstacles like pits, traps, and overhangs. While it is possible to avoid trains by merely moving out of the way, climbing atop them is much more exciting. You will enjoy a completely new feeling and of course the refreshment. There are also a lot of gold coins on board, collect them and change your appearance, upgrade the skateboard. To get coins and other goodies that are perched on trains, you can jump or strafe from one to another.

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How to play

Move flexibly through dangerous ships with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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