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A Dance of Fire and Ice


About A Dance of Fire and Ice


A Dance of Fire and Ice is a hard rhythm game. Try to control the water ball and fire ball without making them deviate from their original trajectory.

This is like a music game that will attract you by the catchy sounds, but don't be fooled, overcoming the challenges in the game is much more difficult than you think. You have to control two planets as they circle in a variety of complicated paths. Due to its unique rhythm game concepts and new gameplay, both expert and novice rhythm game players will find it hard. Water and fire have always been two opposing concepts so maintain your concentration as you maneuver two planets in perfect harmony. Each pattern has its own beat. Don't let them come together and break the inherent rules of balance. It can be challenging because when you dance and dance to the music, no one will notice. More than ten different worlds, each with its own set of fresh forms and rhythms. How do triangles, octagons, and squares sound? Each globe begins with a series of minor introductory levels and concludes with a final test. If you are new, try the Practice Mode. While playing a level, you can practice a failed section again by hitting the "Practice Mode" button on the Pause Menu screen. Play a lot, don't worry about the score, give yourself certain experiences and then participate in the official competition to win the glorious titles.

When you finish this adventure, you can participate in other adventures in Geometry Jump, City Idle Tycoon, Dino Grass Island, and Going Balls.

How to play

Use the mouse and controls carefully.

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