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City Idle Tycoon


About City Idle Tycoon


City Idle Tycoon is a fun creative building game that gives you the chance to own an entire city. Help the city grow and you will become rich.

You will be given the choice to select and alter the size of your map right when you first begin playing the game. But be humble, and build a small city and manageable first. You can change your environment and surroundings to suit your preferences. The height of the landscape may also be changed. If you like you can also build your cities on the water, as long as you build them on a flat surface. Don't forget to add build roads linking the structures so that vehicles may enter and immigrate into your city. It's your opportunity to make a lot of money! You construct tall buildings, amass hundreds of millions or billions of dollars, and choose how to develop and broaden your city. In your vacant metropolis, there will be billions of inhabitants, and the rental income will make you very wealthy. In a short while, you'll probably reach the million-dollar and billion-dollar milestones.

How to play

Click to start earning and building your own city. Are you ready to own a city and become rich?

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