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Snake Game


About Snake Game


Snake Game is an interesting game about snakes fighting for food. You have to overcome heavy opponents, go collect red apples and become big.

You like to play games with lots of opponents because you are tired of playing alone. You may now compete against gamers from across the world thanks to a brand-new upgrade to this thrilling game genre. Initially, everyone will be on a common playground, and they will all spread out in separate directions to go in search of food as much as they can. The rivalry among snakes is fueled by the necessity of eating all snakes. Snakes are very hungry and need to eat to become strong, to protect themselves from dangerous snakes around. The snakes here have the right to bite the opponent's back and block the head in order to fully destroy them. The most wholesome food that they enjoy is apples extremely attractive to snakes. You must pick apples quickly for food while avoiding attackers and the danger is all around you. Along the way, you will encounter a lot of things but pay attention to the green water bottle, it is like a potion when you accidentally eat it, you will be reduced in size although the green elixir seems beautiful and shimmery. You also will die if you eat one of the deadly bombs, which mimics red apples in appearance so look closely, and don't be confused. When you attack other snakes, if you let your head touch the opponent's body, you will also lose immediately. Let's turn on the music and enjoy this dramatic competition right now.

How to play

Use your mouse or arrow keys to control your snake.

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