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About iScribble.IO


iScribble.IO is a fun entertaining game. You control your squares, expand your land and attack your opponents, and create the highest rank for yourself.

You love art, you love to draw. If you want to have moments of entertainment, play a light game, not adventure games and shoot each other, then iScribble.IO is the game for you. You will have to compete with others on the land to survive and survive.

iScribble.IO likes a light entertainment game. You are a small square box. You must use your drawing ability to expand your land. This game is based on how you like the land and also has competition to keep you from getting bored. You can draw whatever you want, the bigger the better to expand your territory and make yourself grow.

In the game, your task will be to draw closed circles as large as possible to mark your land and territory. You will be competing with other competitors, of course, you need to eliminate them to expand your resources. To attack an opponent, stab them in the tail before they have drawn a closed circle for their area. But you should also be careful because other people can attack you in the same way.

Before playing, you will be given a color and name for your land. You also have maps showing the way and what you draw for your land and that of your opponents. The game also has the rankings of the best, you can easily see and compare the results to see how your control is.

Tips: draw fast and big for your land, pay close attention to the map so you can avoid opponents, and attack before opponents are close to you.

How to play

Use the mouse to draw paths and create your own separate area. See the small map on the left side of the screen to see the opponents and move into the opponent's tail, crashing into them to give yourself a chance to expand more land. The last survivor will be the winner.

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