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Four In A Row


About Four In A Row


Four In A Row is an addictive color game. Select the appropriate mode, and drop discs of the same color in a row to win the opponent.

In Four In A Row, your goal is to create a series of discs of the same color that line up to win. You and your opponent take turns dropping the columns. When you drop three to six discs of the same color in a row before your opponent, you win. These lines can be lined up horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Each time it is your turn to drop, you only have 30 seconds to see the move, calculate and press release.

You will be able to choose the color of the plates and name them according to your preferences. There are eight colors to choose from: blue, pink, purple, red, etc. You can also choose the size of your playground. There are three sizes default (7*6), stretch (9*4), and large (9*6). And of course, you can also choose your levels such as Three in A Row, Four in A Row, Five in A Row, or Six in A Row. Choose Three in A Row, you must drop three discs of the same color together in a row, similar to Four, Five and Six.

You will also be surprised when the game has three modes for you to play including Online Players, Two Players, and Play Vs Computer modes. If you are just starting out then you should choose Play Vs Computer modes, you should play against the computer first. If you practice with a familiar CPU, you can create your own room and play with your friends by sending the room code for them to enter the code to play. The last level is Online Players, you will experience the feeling of playing games with strangers in any region. And of course, the game also has a chat box so that two people can get to know each other.

Tips: choosing the right game mode is the first thing to note, notice that the opponent has two to three discs of the same color in a row, you have to drop your disc to block the opponent's move.

How to play

Press the start button, type the name, and click your favorite color and the game mode you want. If playing on the computer, you move the mouse or use the arrow buttons, to drop the disc, if you left-click, the disc will fall. If you play on your phone, just swipe the screen and click on the row you want to drop the disc. Wish you have a nice relaxing time.

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