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Keep Zombie Away


About Keep Zombie Away


Keep Zombie Away is a horror game about your own survival battles with zombies, you must completely rely on your ability to save yourself.

What would you do if you woke up on a gloomy day in an unfamiliar place say, let's an abandoned warehouse to find that there were zombies all around you and that human flesh was decomposing everywhere? I mean, doesn't that seem awful? It only takes finding everything to hide in, lying down on the bed, and a safe location. By keeping an eye on the screen at intervals, you may prepare to hide before the zombie arrives. If you encounter strong zombies, the door could at any moment be destroyed. The best course of action is to locate a room quickly and hide in it since you'll have more money to enhance the area and purchase additional weapons for when you're in danger of being attacked by zombies. If you become tired of fighting the undead alone, a team will fight with you.

How to play

You will be free to control the character and fight with zombies by clicking.

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