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Dunkers Fight 2P


About Dunkers Fight 2P


Dunkers Fight 2P is a funny sports game with two main game modes. Control your player to throw the ball into the basket to score three points first.

Inspired by basketball games like Basketball Stars, this game is designed to satisfy sports lovers. At the start of the game, you need to choose one of two game modes. Then, click the Play button to play the game. It is a basketball match between fire and water dunkers. The fire dunker stands on the right while the water dunker stands on the left. When the countdown reaches zero, you need to control your player to steal the ball and throw it into the basket of your opponent. The hands of basketball players will rotate constantly, which may be challenging for you to control them. Utilize your quick reflex and fingers to guide them to jump or run. Note that you can change the rotating direction of the hands by pressing the left or right arrow keys or AD keys. Do your best to perform slam dunks to gain many points. This game has no timer. The basketball match only ends when one of the players gets three points. Can you get a victory and become the best dunker? Share the game with your friends or relatives if you find it interesting.

Some useful tactics to win

  • Quickly catch the ball before your opponent does that and throw it into his basket.
  • Do not throw the ball into your basket.
  • When your opponent catches the ball, try to get it back.
  • When your opponent is about to throw the ball into your basket, try to prevent him and protect your basket.

How to control


Press a A key to jump to the left.

Press a W key to throw the ball.

Press a D key to jump to the right.


Press a Left arrow key to jump to the left.

Press an Up arrow key to throw the ball.

Press the Right arrow key to jump to the right.

Available game modes in Dunkers Fight 2P

The 1 Player Mode

Like Basket Random, this game also features two game modes. The first one is the 1 Player Mode. If you choose this mode, you will get a chance to practice with the CPU. Believe me. It would be an interesting experience. You can learn many things from the computer players as they are programmed to have professional dunking skills. Therefore, it is possible to say that this game is suitable for rookies who play this game for the first time.

The 2 Players Mode

The second game mode in this game is the 2 Players Mode. If you are confident in your dunking skills, why don't you invite your friends to play this mode with you? When choosing this mode, you and your friends can play the game on the same computer. It is time to prove that you are the best dunker. Defeat your friends and score as many points as possible.

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