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Paper Flight


About Paper Flight


Paper Flight is an extremely interesting paper airplane control game. Hop on this flight and fly as high as you can and see the stunning views from above.

In this game, your goal is to launch a paper airplane as far as you can, eventually reaching a distance of 1000 meters (or yards), while also racking up as many accomplishments and upgrading your plane to look better. Your aircraft will fly over several cities, nations, and continents as you traverse unique landscapes. This game will improve your mouse speed and control. Essentially, the faster and more controlled you fling the paper plane, the greater your overall distance! First and foremost, try to travel the greatest distance possible. Your score is displayed after each round. Second, improve your plane's characteristics. You use that score to be able to upgrade to buy more equipment so that this adventure will bring you the best experience. Finally, enjoy flight by taking the rewards that the game brings. Are you ready to travel from nation to country?

How to play

Click and hold the mouse to let the plane fly up and enjoy the flight.

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