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Run 3


About Run 3


Run 3 is an exciting running game featuring a galaxy theme. Transform into a cute alien and run as far as possible in the endless space tunnel.

At the start of the game, you need to choose between two game modes including Adventure and Infinite. Each game mode features distinct gameplay. In the Adventure mode, you are required to run as fast as possible to reach the finish line and level up. Take caution with fragile tiles in the tunnels. They can be broken as soon as you step on them. Besides, giant leaps are also hazards that you need to evade. You must jump as high as possible to evade them. In case you fall out of the tunnel, don't worry as you will reappear at the starting point of this level. In Infinite mode, you will run in an endless tunnel that has no endpoint. Your objective is to run the furthest distance to get the highest possible. Unlike the Adventure mode, this mode will take you to the starting point if you uncarefully fall out of the tunnel. Therefore, be careful.

Choose one of the game modes and play this game now. Like Geometry Dash Meltdown, this game also features fast-paced gameplay, so it will certainly bring you the feeling of an adrenaline rush.

How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to rotate the tunnel.

Press the Spacebar or an Up Arrow Key to jump.

More things you can do in Run 3

Customize your character

This game offers 6 characters which can be unlocked after you complete the levels. They have different appearances and characteristics.

  • Runner: This character is available for gameplay at the start of the game. She looks like a mummy with one eye.
  • Skater: The running speed of this character is very fast. However, it cannot jump high. You can unlock it at Level 10.
  • Lizard: This character can jump very high, but it runs fairly slow. It can be unlocked at Level 40.
  • Bunny: This character looks like a rabbit with two long ears. It is able to run fast and stop jumping.
  • Child: This character holds a green balloon and runs very slowly to the finish line. When he runs over fragile tiles, they will not break as the child is very little.
  • Gentleman: He wears a black hat and runs fairly slowly.

Invite your friends to join exciting adventures

This game allows you to play with your friends or other players from all over the world. When clicking on the Online button, you can join a Public Room or Private Room. After joining the room, you and the other players will run in a tunnel together. Race and let's see who is the fastest runner. Besides, if there are no available rooms, you can create your own room. Then, copy the link to your room and send it to your friends or relatives. Invite them to participate in wonderful adventures with you now. If you enjoy this game, I suggest you check out Basketball Stars which is the hottest game on our website.

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