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Just One


About Just One


Just One is an addictive pitching game. Balloons are below, let the ball jump up to get gold and jump into the box. Let's see what your throwing ability is.

In Just One, control your hand strength, and aim properly to make the ball jump to the right target box. Take advantage of the elasticity of the walls, avoid obstacles but still get gold and increase your score and rank on the leaderboard. Be the winner with a really high score and hit as many balls as possible.

To assist a colleague, find the most useful hint. Since duplicate hints will be deleted, be unique! There are 13 cards in a full game. The objective is to achieve a score as near to 13 as you can. Players receive 1 point for a correct response. They forfeit both the top card of the deck and the current card if they provide the incorrect response. Lose 2 points as a result. If no response is provided, the players just lose the current card and therefore just 1 point.

How to play

You move left, and right arbitrarily so that the ball moves to match the upper target box and get gold coins. Just use the mouse, watch the ball's path, press, hold, and release and the ball will jump onto the box in a precise path.

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