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Electron Dash


About Electron Dash


Electron Dash is a challenging game that is extremely interesting and brings a lot of fun to everyone on their journey to explore the endless universe.

When you play this game, you become an astronaut and travel across a dangerous cosmos. Your aim is to take control of this astronaut character while avoiding all hazards and scoring as highly as you can. If you wander off into endless dark space, the game is over. On this intriguing trek, lovely turquoise tunnels could be found. You can see the night sky in particular. It seems that the magnificent stars are encouraging you as you move on. To accomplish the objective, stay away from red obstacles since they are everywhere and no one knows where they come from. If you accidentally hit one of these challenges, you will fail. Furthermore, there are several extremely dangerous, brilliant blue platforms. Don't let their looks fool you, it will collapse as soon as you touch them. Along the way if there are too many dangers, you can't avoid in time, you can navigate your character in an endless tunnel to avoid hitting anything or falling into space. So you have to pay close attention and calculate the next path carefully. Along the journey, you'll need to collect more items, mainly red hearts, which will allow you to be resurrected in the case of death. Consider your path and actions carefully as the barriers get more difficult with each level.

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How to play

Use your mouse and arrows to navigate your astronaut character.

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