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Slope Run


About Slope Run


Slope Run is an adventure-running game. Control your ball, jump over obstacles, avoid falling into endless black space holes, and explore strange new planets.

In Slope Run, you only need to control the ball to run until the endpoint, the destination point. You will jump from planet to planet. Of course, each world will have space holes separating it. On the way, you will have to jump so that the ball does not fall into those black holes or you will be the loser. You stand on meteor rocks so that it will be very rough, avoid them. Space holes and obstacles appear constantly so be careful. And yet, you also have to avoid brownstones, which are thin stones. You run into it, the rock cracks and you too will fall.

The most special thing about this game is that the game has two modes for you to choose from, which are Infinite and Level mode. Each mode will bring you different experiences. In Infinite, you are a ball in a vast space with countless platforms. Avoid jumping on the red bedrock, avoid the road or jump should. In this mode, you just need to play in a row, run as far as possible and try to get the highest score. In Level mode, you run to a fixed place, you will unlock higher, harder levels and discover new planets. The further you run, the higher the level and the higher the difficulty. There is a map in the bottom right corner of the screen, please look at it to see which planet you are on. In both modes, you can check your score and the leaderboard of the high scorers. Let's run high, run far so that your name is in it.

Tips: quickly combine the two modes of jumping and moving. When the ball moves, you should also carefully observe, adjust the force and calculate it properly.

How to play

You use the left and right arrow keys to move and the up button to jump the ball. Or you can use the mouse to move, but the ball won't jump.

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