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Apple Shooter


About Apple Shooter


Apple Shooter is a fun and challenging archery game. Be the best sniper, aim accurately, stay away from obstacles, and don't miss an apple at each level.

You are a good archer and you and your friends are gathered in the apple orchard and you will have to aim for the apple above your friend's head. Each time you strike one, your friend and you will be further away. There will also be a barrier of some sort like a stronger wind which will heighten the difficulty. If you miss many times, you lose. There is no room for error, so aim for the apple with confidence and precise aiming. Take your time adjusting the strength and direction of the bow to perfect the shot. To finish each level, shoot every apple, and don't shoot your friend by mistake. Collect money so you may buy additional arrows. Seven different types of arrows are available, including guided, rocket, and hammer arrows. You may choose from a variety of arrows kinds at the bottom of the screen. Try your marksmanship and rescue your friends now.

How to play

Click and hold the mouse to adjust the shot of the bow, then release. Besides, earn more money and balloons so you can change the arrows to aim more accurately.

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