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Horror Nights Story


About Horror Nights Story


Horror Nights Story is a horror game for those who like an adventure. You will be able to escape for five days in a dark room with hordes of scary monsters.

Due to your adventurous nature, you are unfortunate to spend five days confined in a spooky dungeon. Bats, ghosts, and other eerie creatures are all around you, they are everywhere. If you let them catch you, they will eat you alive, you will lose to those monsters. getting out of that dark cellar without encountering them is what you're trying to do. If you accidentally bump into them, don't make noises to affect them. In the next five days, you'll have axes, one more bomb each night, and occasionally more oxygen generators to maintain life. You must move swiftly to the escape at the end of the tunnel to prevent getting sucked alive. Digging hastily? Get ready to battle the animals in the little tunnels by hastening your excavation. They might ambush you at any time by sneaking up on you. Make a narrow passageway through the landscape surrounding you in order to detonate bombs, kill adversaries, and escape. You need to carefully inspect the tunnels before excavating if you want to avoid becoming a meal for the creatures. You only receive one bomb each night, so you have to be very careful when you plant the bombs.

How to play

Click to move and control your character to dig the ground to escape. Pay attention to the icons guiding the way, you will go out as quickly as possible.

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