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Pacman 30th Anniversary


About Pacman 30th Anniversary


Pacman 30th Anniversary is a famous classic game. To overcome the challenges and escape the maze in the game, you must avoid all the ghosts.

You must select a challenging difficulty level before beginning the game. If you are discovered, ghosts will kill you. For players to succeed, it is essential that they complete every level. The following ghosts are ones to watch out for:

  • Pinky (pink): In the game, Pinky just carries out Pac-commands Man without offering any assistance. Because he uses all ghost characters in his in-game strategy, Inky (light blue) is risky.
  • Blinky (red) likes to chase Pac-Man, but when playing the game, he adjusts his tactics so that he moves more quickly and at Pac-speed.
  • Clyde (orange) steps out of the box and walks over to Pac-Man.

However, he quickly changes direction to begin the dispersion phase. The bottom left corner of the maze should be approached with caution. In order to complete each stage, Pacman must go from left to right while eating everything on each screen. He will then be allowed to go to the next screen. Ghosts could be dangerous, and players will perish if they are apprehended. After using up all of his life, he will be sent back to level 1, where he may begin again.

After completing all levels in this game, you can try playing other exciting games which are Neon Dunk, Brain Dunk, Bloon Pop, and Paper Flick.

How to play

Move mouse or use arrow keys to move and control Pacman.

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