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Brain Dunk


About Brain Dunk


Brain Dunk is a brain training game. Draw a line for the basketball to hit the target, get more stars and get rewards. Please pay attention to obstacles.

In the game, you will be the one to draw the line for the basketball to fall. The ball will fall according to the line you draw, whether it falls into the basket or not depends on you. the ball is also very easy to fall off if you draw it incorrectly like when drawing the string too short compared to the ball, the ball will fall straight down.

Use your observation and intelligence to draw the ball to hit the basket and score. Besides, choose the path with stars to score more points for yourself. Draw straight lines that you can get stars on the way the ball passes. The first games seem easy but the later games will be much more difficult. You will have obstacles in the way you draw, blocking the way the ball falls into the basket. and you will have to pay attention to the twisted circle, it will help you.

Tips: you should draw the wire a little below the shadow, the ball will fall down according to the bridge of the wire. To get the stars, you should draw a little bit apart.

How to play

Use the mouse to draw the line where you want the ball to fall into the basket. then click on the ball, and the ball will fall down the line you draw. When the ball hits the basket, get stars, and you pass the level. Pay attention to avoiding foreign objects.

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